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Banyan tree

The tree called banyan in Okinawa is told that a supernatural creature comes out for many years.

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Health food

There is a lot of very good for health delicious foods in Okinawa.  

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Sea of Okinawa

The sea in Okinawa is a treasure house in nature. The coral reef and tropical fishes of the top of Japan can b […]

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Champloo Okinawan culture

Okinawa has the original culture that adopted various culture to be said to be chanpuru culture.

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Okinawa of Pig dish

In eating habits of Okinawa, the pork dish is centers. It eats from head to toe.  

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Shisa of Okinawa

The image that is called shisa is put on the house in Okinawa.  

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The water supply tank on the roof of Okinawa

In preparation for a water shortage, the water supply tank is placed on the roof in the house in Okinawa.

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The old home of Okinawa

In old times Okinawa was making the stone wall of the blindfold called “Hinpun” in front of the ho […]

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