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There is an area called YANBAL of Okinawa. There are the creature of the endangered species and a rare thing t […]

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beautiful nature in Okinawa

There is much beautiful nature in Okinawa. It is the place that is most suitable to be refreshed.

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wind blows

Wind blows Okinawa from the sea. Comfortable wind blows in a house.

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foreign houses

A lot of foreign houses stand in Okinawa. The number increases every day.

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ocean view in Okinawa

A lot of houses where the sea is seen are in Okinawa. Let’s live in the house of the ocean view in Okina […]

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beautiful sea

Okinawa is an island among the seas. We can look at the beautiful sea immediately even if wherever.  

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Tourist attraction Okinawa

Okinawa is a very famous place in a tourist attraction of Japan. Many people visit this area every year. &nbsp […]

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Island among the seas

Okinawa is an island among the seas. Wind to blow from the sea is very comfortable.  

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