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Beautiful nature features Okinawa very. You heal the fatigue of your heart.

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There is a theatrical company called AMAWARI in Okinawa. I do it on the stage of the history of Okinawa. I giv […]

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Cool wind

Cool wind blows in Okinawa. The house becomes the structure that wind blows through.

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The climate of Okinawa is easy to live

 The climate of Okinawa is easy to live. It is not cold at all in winter. It is easy to live  wind blows life […]

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ocean view

A lot of houses of the ocean view are in Okinawa. You can live a comfortable life in the house of the ocean vi […]

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come in Okinawa

Okinawa resembles Hawaii in the sea and nature, a climate. Please come once.

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food for foreigners

There are a lot of foreigners in Okinawa. Therefore there is many food for foreigners.    

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The atmosphere of Okinawa is very slow. It is the place that is most suitable to be relaxed.

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