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The scenery of Okinawa

 The scenery of Okinawa is very beautiful.  Your heal daily fatigue.

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Trip to Okinawa

Okinawa is the area that made sightseeing Maine. A trip is the most suitable place.

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In Okinawa

In Okinawa, an atmosphere is unhurried very much. I can spend relaxed days.

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A lot of foreigners live in Okinawa. There are many food and houses for foreigners, too.    

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ocean view

Okinawa is an island among the beautiful seas. There are many houses of the ocean view.  

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okinawa and Hawaii

Okinawa resembles Hawaii closely. Beautiful sea and nature resemble a warm climate.

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southern country of okinawa

The temperature of Okinawa is warm. The sea is an island of the southern country beautifully, too.

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the sea is very beautiful

In Okinawa, the sea is very beautiful. It is famous as a diving spot. It is another world in the sea.

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