As I admired the beauty of the coast with coral reefs, the bus arrived at the National Okinawa Memorial Park. There are an aquarium, a marine theater for dolphin shows, a facility to observe the sea turtles and manatees which are believed to be the models for mermaids, the Tropical Dream Center where you can see tropical and subtropical plants, and a maritime culture hall that displays the daily necessities of the seafaring peoples in the vast premise of 70 hectares. It would take a whole day to see them all, so it would be wiser to focus on something. I decided to visit the aquarium that had succeeded in rearing whale sharks for the first time in the world. There were gigantic fish tanks separated into 3 categories, coral seas, black Japanese current seas and deep seas, where over 250 kinds of fishes were swimming around. I was awed by the dynamic sight through the glass where the whale sharks and other humongous fishes were swimming freely.