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Okinawa produces pineapples

I headed for a fruit farm, a blessing of the subtropical climate. Okinawa produces pineapples, mangos, acerola […]

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beauty of the coast with coral reefs,

As I admired the beauty of the coast with coral reefs, the bus arrived at the National Okinawa Memorial Park. […]

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The Ryukyu Mura, located at On’na-son

I got on a local bus and headed for the northern part known for a beautiful beach resort. The Ryukyu Mura, loc […]

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okinawa wind

Very comfortable wind blows in midsummer of Okinawa. I can live very comfortably.

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sea island of okinawa

Okinawa is the island where the sea was surrounded by. When I like it, I can go to the sea immediately.  

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beautiful of okinawa

Okinawa is an island with beautiful nature. The scenery heals you.

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okinawa of history

There are many landmark architectures in Okinawa. Shuri Castle is splendid very beautifully in that.

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okinawa naturally

Okinawa is a comfortable island naturally. The scenery of Okinawa makes a feeling better.

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